Running Competitions in Suffolk County NY: Are There Any Restrooms Along the Course?

Are you considering taking part in a running competition in Suffolk County, NY? Whether you're running the 1 km, 10 km, half marathon or full marathon race, it's important to know what facilities are available along the course. At the EXPO tent, you can pick up your BIBS & race packages. Here, you'll also find 5 help stations throughout the course that are fully equipped with Hyle Hydration Fuel, snacks such as PB&J, candies and other treats. Eisenhower Park is a 930-acre oasis of open space and recreation located in Nassau County.

It's one of the largest public spaces in the New York metropolitan area and is larger than Central Park. The park offers a full range of athletic and family activities, including one of the best swimming facilities in the US. The main Northwell Health Ice Center consists of two indoor skating rinks the size of the NHL, as well as an outdoor rink. So, are there any restrooms along the course of the running competition in Suffolk County NY? Yes! There are restrooms available at each of the 5 help stations throughout the course.

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