Are There Any Restrictions on Pets for Running Competitions in Suffolk County NY?

The animal-related laws of the State of New York and Suffolk County are outlined below. Suffolk County and local and state police enforce laws against animal cruelty. If you witness any acts of cruelty to animals in Suffolk County, please contact Suffolk County (S, P, C, A.) at (63) 382-7722. The Suffolk County Anchor Code, Suffolk County Current Public Brochure for Suffolk County and Riverhead County, Huntington, & New York State Agriculture and Markets Code: Article 26 Cruelty to Animals outlines the Puppy and Dog Protection Classification Program for Pet Stores in Suffolk County. This program is responsible for dogs, prevention of animal cruelty, animal bite registry, responsible dog Ownership programs, prevention of animal cruelty, animal bite registry, Animal Welfare Act, legal language related to the humane treatment of animals, Actual Animal Abuse Offenders Registration Act, list of offenders, New York State Department of Agriculture, 26 markets, Article 21 Rabies Act for companion animals, and New York statutes as provided by State University from Michigan. On Monday, a bill was introduced in Suffolk County that would restrict the use of exotic animals in traveling shows.

In September, the Suffolk County Supreme Court ordered the temporary closure of Sloth Encounters after the city of Islip filed a permanent court order against the company. The legislation is sponsored by Suffolk County legislators Trish Bergin (for Islip), Jason Richberg (for West Babylon) and Leslie Kennedy (for Smithtown).Richberg stated that since state and federal governments do not regulate exotic animals, Suffolk County will. Humane Long Island, an animal rights organization, informed the Suffolk Legislature that Sloth Encounters, a Hauppauge company, offered private home visits to sloths after the town of Islip closed its business.

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